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About Us

We are not a big One but better one. Few Years ago we started our business with a little hope, Do something as our own way. From the very beginning we attached with Keventer (A renowned brand of frozen foods) and till we are maintaining our attachments. As per regular requirements we attached with the other some companies like Iscon Balaji ,Meatzza, Empire Foods & Madre Foods etc. . We always try to maintain the full Basket of Frozen Products as per your daily needs. Available products from us –

 1. All type of sea foods.

2.  Prawns (Retail pack Also)

3. All type of veg products including French Fry , Sweet corn, green peas etc

4. All type of chicken products like Ready to cook, Heat and eat, Raw etc

5 .Pork Products also available. We focus on service, Quality and commitment. This three are very important now a days and we maintain carefully.